“I appreciate and am inspired by what you have done and are still doing!
And I love your sense of humor.”
– Odelia C. [Newsletter Subscriber]


Buddy has a simple and enjoyable conversational style to writing.
– Nat [Amazon Customer]

Class Setting

Buddy is a wonderful teacher. He loves martial arts and genuinely cares about his students. – Rachel Payne [Client]



My name is Buddy Lieberman, and I’ve been training since I was six years old. I have a 2nd degree black belt and instructor cert in US Sport Karate, and I cover aspects of martial arts from techniques, to effective and efficient movement, to strength, flexibility, and conditioning.

Martial arts should always be about leaving class or training one night, and being eager to go back the next time. Not because it’s always fun, but because it’s always building up.

All of my teaching formats follow this principle.

The newsletter offers weekly interactions, where I write to you and you have a chance to respond.

My book is an always available introduction to kicking.

The class gets together once a week in Nacogdoches TX, from 6:30-8:00 p.m., to train self defense skills and general martial arts. Click here for our Facebook Page.

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